AN ENERGY firm planning to erect up to seven wind turbines on agricultural land north of Dorchester has laid out its plans to the town council.

Broadview Energy Limited is currently developing proposals for a wind farm on land at Slyer’s Lane to the east of Charminster.

The scheme would involve up to seven turbines with a maximum height of 125 metres.

As part of Broadview’s commitment to engage and consult with the local community, project manager Tom Cosgrove address Dorchester Town Council’s planning and environment committee to inform them about the proposed scheme.

He said that the exact number of turbines had not been decided yet and the 125m height was also a maximum with no exact details yet decided.

Mr Cosgrove said that the closest any turbine would be to the northern edge of Dorchester was 2.5km and went on to explain why the site had been chosen.

He said there was a suitable wind resource at the location, the road network was suitable as was the connection into the power network and it was not a designated site of interest for ecological or aesthetic reasons.

Mr Cosgrove stressed that his firm was doing all it could to listen to any community concerns as it developed the plans.

He said: “It’s important to us that we speak to as many people as possible so we can at very least hear their concerns and give them the information they need.”

Mr Cosgrove said a site design was expected to be completed by the end of the month and there would be further consultation on that before a planning application is submitted in the summer.

He said that if the planning application was successful the site could be operational within 18 months to two years.

Mr Cosgrove also stated that Broadview would contribute to a community fund if the wind farm was to go ahead, with around £70,000 a year put towards local community projects.

After hearing the presentation, Councillor Richard Biggs said: “I’m broadly in favour of wind farms but I am, like a lot of people concerned about the height.”

Mr Cosgrove responded that when it came to height his firm would have to balance the benefits in terms of power output with any negative impact on the surrounding landscape.

Coun Tim Harries said he was very much in favour of the scheme and wind farms in general.

He said: “I think they are wonderful, let’s get on with it.”