The library was packed out last Tuesday evening at the informal open meeting of the Big4 Lottery committee.
Dominic  Murphy  representative of the lottery fund explained that the local committee had already been trying to identify areas that would improve the lives of residents and hoped that those present would get involved in building a better future for us all.
He then asked everyone to introduce themselves and give a short statement of what they hoped to see happen over the next ten years to make a positive difference to the area.
The majority of opinion was that Littlemoor was a very pleasant and friendly place to live but its reputation as a troubled estate was thoroughly undeserved and the bad press it has received in the past gave outsiders the wrong impression of people who lived here. This needed to be addressed in order to bring back a sense of pride and a new, positive, community spirit built upon.
The problem of crime in the area was also on most people’s minds and Councillor Mark Tewkesbury said that actual crime figures were in fact not as high as other areas of Weymouth. It was perception of crime that worried most Littlemoor residents especially in light of recent police cuts. Resident Tony Alee was currently in talks with the police to get a bigger police presence on the estate. He added that the recent success in getting the lights turned back on again at night proved that people power worked and he hoped that his current talks would have a positive outcome. 
Dominic Murphy thanked everyone for attending and was very pleased at the number of people who came to the meeting but in order to make a difference with the lottery money more residents needed to get involved.
He knew, he said, that a lot of people don’t like the idea of sitting on committees but volunteers were needed in all areas; people with ideas and advice, to help organise events, or just to lend a hand making the tea!
A million pounds won’t go far nowadays. We need all the help we can get to make sure it is spent wisely so every resident can see and enjoy the benefit the money will bring to the area and Littlemoor remains a safe and pleasant place to live in the years to come.
If you would like to get involved in making a difference, no matter how small you think your contribution could be, then please contact either me on the number below or Malcolm Beeson on  832572.       


  • Sad to see the passing of Des Fry one of Littlemoor’s original residents and community activist who was instrumental in improving life out here when Littlemoor comprised of just a few houses. He also played a part in getting our community hall built and wrote a little known but very informative short history of the area. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.