CHILDREN waiting for the school bus in Frampton will be able to take shelter from the rains drenching the county.

A generous donation from Magna Housing Association has provided a new bus shelter on land it owns so youngsters can wait for the bus in a safer and more comfortable environment.

Funding was provided from the housing association’s community initiative fund, which allocates £120,000 a year to improve areas where its residents live.

Chairman of Frampton Parish Council Stephen Hebb said the new bus shelter had been welcomed by children and parents in the village.

He said: “Before this shelter was put up, the children had to wait further up the road. “There was no shelter and the junction they had to wait at was not as safe as we’d like. “The children all signed up to a Rights Respecting Charter for the shelter, so it means they are also more likely to be well-behaved while they are waiting.”

Ken Bodycombe, community investment officer at Magna, said the funding for the new shelter was approved when a local resident got in touch with the parish council to see if anything could be done.

The parish council then spoke to Magna to ask if it could help.

Mr Bodycombe said: “We were really pleased to provide a solution. Anyone can ask for money from the community initiative fund if they think it will help Magna residents. “A group of residents meets once a month and agrees which projects we’ll support. “It doesn’t matter who put the project forward, what matters is it makes a difference to the places people live.”