STUDENTS are being encouraged to celebrate the Bard.

Between March 17 and 23, students aged seven to 11 are being encouraged to get involved in Shakespeare Week.

The national event will involve more than 1,800 primary schools across the UK and will explore the stories and legacy of William Shakespeare, from how he influenced today’s modern language to what he might have eaten for his tea.

Teachers have signed up to join in this national campaign created by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and have been downloading free resources to plan fun and creative sessions that will introduce Shakespeare to children in their most formative years.

From fashion, film-making and fingerpuppets to making a Tudor banquet and learning about the plague flea, Shakespeare will be cropping up in unusual ways across every school subject.

Jacqueline Green, from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: “Primary school is where magic can still happen, where children are most open to learning new things.

“We want to open the door to learning about Shakespeare with flexible resources which are free for schools and opportunities for families to try out Shakespeare-related activities and events near where they live.

“We’ve been bowled over by responses from schools and cultural organisations to this campaign – it proves that Shakespeare is as popular and relevant as ever.”

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