PORTLAND residents who pulled together after the island was battered by fierce storms have been praised as the “best of Britain.”

Prime Minister David Cameron, who visited Portland on Monday and spoke to locals, later praised the volunteers who were involved in efforts to cope with the severe weather.

He paid tribute to Storm Wallace, who organised a community clean-up of Chesil Beach after promoting it on social networking site Facebook, and to Cove House Inn landlords Jackie Breakspear and Amanda Broughton-South whose business was on the frontline of the vicious storms.

Speaking at a press conference today, the Prime Minister said his trip to the flood-hit south west of England had provided “inspiring” examples of community spirit despite the difficulties facing those affected.

“One of the most inspiring things I have seen over the past two days has been the incredible spirit of volunteers in our communities,” he said.

“People I met like Sheila Mayne, who worked at the rescue centre in Dawlish serving tea to displaced families during the evacuation.

“Storm Wallace, who organised community clear-ups of Chesil Beach through Facebook; and Jackie Breakspear and Amanda Broughton-South, the joint landladies of the Cove House Inn in Chiswell, who helped pull their community through an extraordinary storm as waves lashed against their pub.

“Amidst all, of this as is so often the case, in the toughest of times we are seeing the best of Britain.”