FARMERS need help to rebuild their businesses as the flooding will have ‘long-term’ effects.

Paul Gould, the National Farmer’s Union Dorset chairman, said farmers in Dorset have had fields flooded but have managed to move livestock in time.

Those in Somerset have not been as fortunate.

He said they have lost and will continue to lose crops and livestock into the summer.

Mr Gould said he had heard stories of kind-hearted people offering help to those badly hit, providing temporary shelter for livestock.

He said appeals such as ours ‘restore your faith in humanity’.

He added: “It’s not only now that it’s bad, but in the summer too because a lot of grass and crops have been destroyed.

“Unfortunately that might mean losing livestock if you’ve got nothing to feed them with.

“Once crops and grass are underwater for three or four days, they are dead at the roots.

“There are a lot of things being done to help.

“Unfortunately this situation has caused that, but it’s great to see people helping others.”