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LIVE: Weather and travel updates as Dorset hit by another deluge

Last updated:

    A clean-up operation is underway after a severe storm battered the coast
  • The coast was pounded by 30ft waves and 80mph winds
  • Flood warnings are still in force for some rivers and flooding remains on the West Stafford Bypass and Milton Road in Milborne St Andrew
  • Work continues on Preston Beach, Weymouth this morning laying stone boulders to reduce the risk of further damage and flooding
  • There is a Met Office yellow warning of rain for Monday set to last until 11.45pm tonight
  • There are currently two severe flood warnings, 17 flood warnings and 31 flood alerts across the South West


islandman 8:21am Fri 14 Feb 14
I have been sending Stuart Morris's YouTube clips to someone I know via the internet that lives in Wales. He originates from Portland and has recognised his boyhood home etc .also he has a brother in either NZ or OZ. I'm now wondering if this is the same person.
Score: -1
islandman 4:20pm Fri 14 Feb 14
If you are scrolling through this up-date (via chrome) and think you should be viewing accompanying photographs but are not, then try Internet Explorer as they are shown more readily there. Don't know about Firefox). It's a pity to miss them due to browser configurations.
Score: 0
desmondoo 11:28pm Fri 14 Feb 14
The sheer stupidity of people out in this weather with youngsters is beyond me !!!!!
Score: 4
desmondoo 11:31pm Fri 14 Feb 14
Why on earth would you risk taking a child out in this crazy,stupid,ignoran t or all 3 !!!!
Score: 3
ksmain 10:26am Sat 15 Feb 14
If that video at 12.57 on here is of John Gurd - he is a very attractive woman!!!
Score: 0
Bumpkin 12:48pm Sat 15 Feb 14
We have lost count of the number of trucks blown over on the A35 above Litton Cheney and Askerswell. Why do the truck drivers ignore common sense and the safety of others by travelling along this very exposed section of the A35 when there are perfectly good alternative routes on the A30 and A303? Why do they think they can inconvenience thousands of people who have to wait in queues stretching for miles whilst ther overturned trucks are rescued? I certainly hope they have grounds to sue the truck companies for delays, lost revenue etc etc. Fiinally, who is responsible for clearing up the mess left behind, what do you think Wyvern Cargo and Shears amongst others??
Score: -2
Weston7 11:19pm Sun 16 Feb 14
The Environment Agency really should be more careful in the information they put out. National media have picked their report of a massive landslip at 'Weston, Portland'. The one they show occurred years ago. I have a similar aerial photo taken last August.
Score: 1
arlbergbahn 10:58am Mon 17 Feb 14
this is really really confusing. It appears to be a new story from the front page, but it seems to simply be the story which has been running since last Friday. Couldn't the Dorset Echo draw a line under their "Live Updates" and simply have an update for today, so we know which are still current and relevant? it's thoroughly confusing.
Score: 1
I notice that some local authorities have got their priorities right - work continues on the 'improvements' to the southern part of Weymouth Way.
Score: 3

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