BURGLARS who smashed into a Weymouth business and stole two charity boxes have been branded as ‘low’.

Top Wash car wash at Value House in Wyke Regis was targeted and thieves took two charity boxes and turned the small business upside-down.

They also pulled an electrical wire out of a spotlight that covers the area and tried to break into a container.

Lee Thomas, owner of the business, said that it was a fifth time Top Wash had been hit since he started the business five years ago.

He said he never kept any cash on the premises now after the first burglary, where thieves broke in through the roof and made off with £700. He said in the latest incident, workers had come in and found the door to the office hanging open, where the thieves had forced their way in.

Mr Thomas said they left the office room in a mess.

He added: “They nicked the Julia’s House and Weldmar Hospicecare Trust charity boxes.

“They went though the drawers and the lad’s coat pockets and threw the jackets on the floor.”

However, items like drills and gas canisters were left untouched.

Mr Thomas said his guess was the intruders were after cash and when they didn’t find any they took the charity boxes.

He added that he always like to try and help out charities and did charity car wash days.

He branded the thieves as ‘low’.

Mr Thomas said: “What names have you got for them?

“I could be here all day naming people like that. It’s low.”

He said he felt embarrassed, as he would have to explain that the boxes had been stolen when the charities came to collect them.

New security measures are now in place at the premises.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said they were investigating the burglary at the car wash.

Witnesses or anyone with information should call Dorset Police on 101, quoting incident reference 005200.