Crime wise so far this week has been fairly quiet for Dorchester and I hope it remains that way.

A check of my latest incidents from the last few days shows that once again the weather dominated the week. In particular we were called to a number of trees across the road.

We also attended quite a few car accidents and dealt with a HGV that had been blown over on the A35.

Luckily in most cases any injuries were minor.

Just to show that we never quite know what we are going to get called to, we were also asked to help with a large swan which was injured and blocking the road.

We did our bit and managed to move it to a safe area and call the RSPCA.

It looks as though Dorset did not get the worst of the weather and other parts of the country faced more serious problems.

We do however still have concerns that further rain will continue to lead to a flood risk.

We will continue to work with partners to keep roads open and protect residential premises.

We have had a few reports this week of people being contacted by companies who state they can help with PPI payments.

The companies look and sound legitimate but often ask for a fee to be paid up front. This is not a method that legitimate companies use.

Do not give any money to companies asking for a release fee from you, promising far larger amounts of money in return.

If contacted by such companies then please refer the details to the ‘Action Fraud’ website.

This is the national organisation which now deals with banking and similar type fraud offences. Visit A reminder that the town centre team will be at the library on Thursday mornings from 10.30am.

Have a safe week.