FEISTY Clown Triggerfish dived into action during a visit from a Weymouth Sea Life Park staff member.

Aquarist Farrah Minchin got more than she bargained for once the fish caught sight of her during a recent spring clean of the shark reef tank.

The curious fish dived towards her and the cleaning tools in her hand and started pulling at the bristles with their sharp teeth.

Farrah said: “Normally people quiver when I say I’ve got to enter the tank full of blacktip reef sharks, bamboo sharks, Port Jackson sharks and bonnethead sharks but what I have to watch out for are the Clown Triggerfish. They are really beautiful fish but definitely have a feisty attitude.”

Although they are small, the fish can issue a nasty bite but luckily the aquarists are always well prepared for their appearances and have items to fend them off with.

Clown Triggerfish also like to jump and splash around drawing attention to themselves, showing off to visitors at the park.

The Sea Life Park’s shark reef houses a variety of fish from the tropics including six species of juvenile sharks.

Visitors to the Park will also be able to spot the recent egg cases amongst the coral displays.