CHILDREN from St Andrew’s Pre-School in Bridport could certainly hear the sirens coming as the ambulance service made a special visit to see them.

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage at the school, staff organised the visit by the South West Ambulance Service to give the children a tour of the ambulance.

The pre-schoolers were also allowed to dress up in the uniform worn by the paramedics and were taught how to professionally bandage injuries.

Gitte Mowatt, the pre-school leader, said: “We approached the ambulance trust to come in to visit the children as part of their Early Years Foundation Stage scheme called “making connections between different parts of their live experiences.”

“The ambulance was here for around an hour, and the children were shown around the ambulance by the staff and saw all of the life-saving equipment on board that the paramedics use.

“The paramedics that came showed the children first aid and they also showed them what they do in certain situations. They also showed the children how to bandage injuries properly.”

The fun didn’t stop there for the children, as after the paramedics left the children put what they learnt into practice with their own bandages.

Mrs Mowatt added: “After they had a look around the ambulance, the sirens were put on the ambulance and even though some of the children thought it was a bit too loud, some wanted to do it again and again. The children were also allowed to dress up in some of the uniform .

“After the visit, all of the children started to play with their doctors and nurses sets and were bandaging everyone up, including the adults.”