“I was born into the wrong body,” says Alexandria Adamson who is about to embark on an incredible life-changing journey.

The 26-year-old is about to undergo a sex change after years spent struggling to cope with her identity.

Cruel taunts from bullies have driven Alexandria, who was born Alex Lawrie, to speak out about her difficult past as she looks towards a brighter future.

She said: “I was born into the wrong body and I have cerebral palsy so I’ve been the subject of bullying throughout my whole life.

“If by speaking out about what I’ve been through and what I’ve decided to do I can help others then it will all be worth it.”

She moved to Alexandra Road in Weymouth with her mum Caroline a few years ago in a bid to make a fresh start which included her embracing a love of women’s clothes and make-up.

This year will see the brave abuse victim take the first step in changing her sex by undergoing two years of hormone tablet treatment before surgery. From physical to verbal abuse, Alexandria says she has lost all her confidence and wants people to just accept that she is different and leave her to live her life in peace.

Her mum Caroline said: “I am so proud of Alex and I would ask those people who are cruel to her to just let her be happy.

“Her confidence is at an all time low but I’m over the moon that she will be undergoing her sex change. She was born with more female hormones than male ones and she really should have been given treatment years ago.

“We moved to Weymouth to make a fresh start and she is really looking forward to the future.”

Last year, distraught Alex was the victim of a tirade of abuse caught on camera.

Officers investigated death threats in a rant which has been seen by hundreds of people on YouTube, as reported in the Echo.

Regular trips to London involve Alexandria attending speech therapy sessions to make her voice more feminine and meetings with surgeons ahead of her life-changing operation.

“With both the speech therapy and me also being in a place where I can wear women’s clothes, I really feel like I’m taking steps to become my true self.

“To finally wear these clothes was honestly a complete relief.

“It is an awful feeling not being able to be yourself or express who you are.

“I love fashion and make-up,” Alexandria added.

Her mum Caroline said: “I was in a difficult relationship before and Alex couldn’t be herself so we moved to Weymouth to make a fresh start and the future is looking bright.”

Alexandria’s talents include singing, writing plays and campaigning for world peace along with gender equality.

“She is now looking forward to starting university in Liverpool to study music and film.

She said: “I want to help other people who want to discover who they really are.”

Help is available

ALEXANDRIA Adamson wants people, who may be considering undergoing a sex change or have transgender issues, to know that help is available.

She praised the work of Bournemouth-based group Over The Rainbow, which offers information and advice on general health, sexual health, psychological support and health promotion for the LGBT community. It is an NHS intiative based in Bournemouth.

The centre plays host to a variety of groups including Break Free, an organisation set up to help provide social support to those who present or are expressing gender concerns.

For more information visit rainbowbournemouth.co.uk