DAVID Cameron has handwritten a note to a young woman with a facial deformity who battled to get a job after being turned away by 19 companies.

The Prime Minister read the Echo’s recent article on 21-year-old Lizzie Court telling of her struggle to get hired and congratulated her on getting a job at the Weymouth office of charity Abilities.

Lizzie, of Preston, Weymouth, who suffers from Goldenhar Syndrome, enclosed a copy of the article in her letter to the PM to tell him of her achievement after calling for more tolerance from people.

The former Weymouth College student, who was born without a jaw, left ear or left eye, said she had been followed around town by people wanting to get a close-up look at her face.

Lizzie’s dad David questioned why it took her so long to get a job and said the difficulties his daughter faced were ‘intolerance’ and ‘ignorance’.

Mr Cameron replied to Lizzie with a handwritten note scribbled on a typed letter with a 10 Downing Street letterhead.

He wrote: “It was wonderful to read about your story. Well done and best wishes for the future. Yours, David.”

In the typed part of the letter, it said: “Thank you for your letter and for your valued support. This comes with my very best wishes as you start your new job.”

Lizzie, who says she plans to join the Conservative party, said: “I was quite shocked. I didn’t expect to get a handwritten note as well as a letter.”

She now works full-time on reception at Waverley Road-based Abilities, which helps find jobs for long-term unemployed and disabled people. It also provides training.

Lizzie’s duties include answering the phone, paying peoples’ travel expenses and helping with queries at reception.

She said: “I love being at work. It has increased my confidence a lot.”

Chief executive Robbie Cormack said: “I don’t know how we managed without Lizzie.

“People haven’t shown intolerance of Lizzie – they’re here because they want to get a job.

“We don’t have to be protective of her in any way, she just gets on and does what she has to do.

“She got her job based on her ability and knows what people are going through who are trying desperately hard to get a job.

“For all the companies that turned her down, it’s their loss and our gain.”

For more on Abilities see abilities.org.uk