THE shooting of a cat with an airgun has sparked investigations by The RSPCA and Dorset Police.

Pam Chave, of Higher Street in Iwerne Minster, says her 10-year-old ginger and white cat called Lewis had uncharacteristically spent the night downstairs on January 21.

When she got up the following morning, she saw him try to rise from the sofa to greet her, but realised the side of the sofa he had been sleeping on was covered in blood.

The cat was rushed to a vet who treated him for a ruptured spleen and holes in his bladder and bowel - all caused by air pellets.

The vet told Pam that the evidence points to the cat being attacked twice with an airgun and that there were also shot gun pellets in his body which are thought to have been from a previous attack.

Pam said: “Lewis stays close to the house when I go out and always pops out of the hedge or through the fence when he hears my car.

“The reason why this has upset me so much is that Lewis had been a constant companion to my partner who died in September.”

RSPCA animal welfare officer, Jo Blackburn added: “It really sickens me what has happened to this cat; we need to find out who did this and make sure they do not go on to attack any other pet.”

Anyone with information should call the RSPCA on 0300 1238018.