‘SOMEONE will be killed’- that’s the concern of two men who are calling for action at a ‘danger’ point on Weymouth seafront.

Shaun Austin and Mark Layton, who work at Sands Arcade, say they see between two and three vehicles a week mount the kerb outside the former Tourist Information Centre.

They are urging Dorset County Council to install railings along a section of pavement along The Esplanade to make it clear where the bus lane ends and the pavement begins.

The lane was made as part of the traffic management scheme in the town centre, a part of the Weymouth Transport Package prior to the Olympic Sailing events.

Mr Austin said: “When it rains you can’t see it’s a bus lane at night so people drive down it and get to the end and go straight onto the pavement.

“It is only a matter of time before someone is killed. We’ve seen cars hit the traffic lights and sometimes even nearly hit pedestrians.”

He added: “Last week, a camping wagon went straight over the crossing and the awning came off.

“The lights and poles were replaced but by the following Friday night a car hit it again.”

The concerned pair said they have alerted the council to the problem in the past.

Council chiefs told the Echo that every traffic management scheme has a schedule of safety audits once it’s been completed to ensure that traffic is behaving the way it was modelled.

A spokesman for Dorset County Council said they often tweak schemes to ensure road users safety.

Tim Norman, county council chief engineer highways management, said: “We have already made changes to this area due to some issues raised in the last safety audit.

“If there are safety issues, particularly when the road floods then this is a maintenance issue and we need to look into it.

“We have another safety audit planned for the Weymouth Transport Plan and this will be looked into then too.”

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