RESEARCH is underway to assess the affordable housing need in Owermoigne.

West Dorset District Council has produced an affordable housing needs survey for the parish and is calling on people with a connection to the area, through family or work, to complete the questionnaire.

The exercise will examine whether there is need for affordable housing, whether local people want to rent or buy and what size properties they need.

The results of the survey could help deliver a small number of affordable homes.

Leader of West Dorset District Council Robert Gould said: “Sadly the property boom means that many people can no longer afford to live in their local villages.

“This loss, of especially younger people, can have a dramatic impact on the vitality of village life. “Everyone loses out as it leads to the loss of community support networks, local services and facilities.

“I am asking people to complete this survey so we can get a better picture of the housing situation.”

The council is also carrying out a similar exercise for the Melcombe Horsey and Hilton parish.

For more information or to complete the surveys visit The deadline for completing the questionnaire is April 18.