A WEYMOUTH taxi driver has found a new subject to talk about in his cab – his own book.

David Worsdale is following in the footsteps of Harry Potter author JK Rowling by writing a children’s fantasy novel.

But unlike the boy wizard, his characters first began life 40 years ago.

It has taken a while, but ideas he first had when working in the Middle East in the 1970s have finally made it into a book called Pedro and the Magic Marbles, which was self-published.

“It’s been a labour of love for most of my life,” said Mr Worsdale, 73, who drives for Weyline Taxis and writes poems in his spare time.

The book, which is suitable for children aged eight years and up, tells the story of a boy named Pedro who unlocks the secret of marbles dug up in a mine.

Stories about magic marbles were first dreamt up by Mr Worsdale in 1973 when he worked as a safety instructor for the Saudi Arabian air force and was asked to contribute to a children’s page for the company magazine.

He said: “I had the story on three A4 sheets. I thought that eventually I would get round to writing a book.”

Mr Worsdale, who has grown-up children and grandchildren, added to the story over time.

He said: “Sometime the story would flow and I would write a bit over a few days and then I’d get writer’s block and not write for months.

“Last year I promised myself I would complete it. It went from three A4 sheets to 140,000 words.”

Mr Worsdale had the book published through an American firm after paying a sum of cash.

The book is available on Amazon for £13.95 and a copy is being made available at Weymouth Library.