FOLLOWING David Groves’ memories of the Great Storm of ‘76 (Looking Back, February 18) we were contacted by fellow Portland resident Jack White who can also remember that cataclysmic day.

He writes: “I also remember the storm of 1978 and the destruction of the cars behind what used to be Mr Craven’s garage, which was taken over by Chesil Beach Motors.

“There was also the wartime incident of the solitary German bomber which came over, I think about seven or eight o’clock on a Thursday evening in the summer.

“All the anti-aircraft guns on Portland started firing and the plane was hit.

“It went out over the sea and turned and crashed on the store of Mr Frank Davis the builder in front of Cove Cottages.

“I lived in Cove Cottages at that time, but that evening was attending the Air Training Corps meeting at The Grove.

“My mother was home alone at No 13 and she had a grandstand view – actually through the letter box – of the plane coming down about 50 yards in front of her house.

“One of the crew did indeed land in the garden behind our house; his flying boot was found standing up in the back yard of the house next door.

“I don’t think he parachuted down because he made a hole about a foot deep in the garden.

“Exciting times!”

Thank you, Mr White.