CHISWELL is set to receive a £5,000 grant to repair damages caused by severe storms.

The money will be given after environmental campaigner Storm Wallace appeared live on ITV's Daybreak on Friday as a nominated Flood Hero.

As a finalist, the cash grant will be donated on Ms Wallace's behalf to those helping with the flood relief effort in the community.

Ms Wallace said: “I have got things in mind which are a priority. There are some important things that have to be sorted out first.”

Ms Wallace revealed that the money wouldn't be given to her personally and would be distributed to those in need.

She added: “What I wouldn't want to do is give it away and have it wrongly spent.”

Ms Storm did confirm that part of the money would be spent on restoring memorial benches that had been washed away.

She said: “It is going to be spent on benches and flood lights if they want that still but we still need to speak to the Environment Agency about that.

“I will definitely communicate with the local people if there is any money left.”

In a pre-recorded message aired to the five Flood Heroes, Richard Branson said the non-profit organisation Virgin Unite wanted to donate the money as a thank you.

He said: “I just wanted to say congratulations and well done for all your fantastic work and helping your communities recover from the horrendous flooding that battered the country.

“When I read your stories I was inspired and moved that you just got out there and helped without being asked to help. I think that makes what you have done quite exceptional.”

Mr Branson was part of a judging panel that included flood consultant Mary Dhonau.

Speaking to the Echo, Ms Dhonau said: “Obviously with a name like Storm she couldn't have had a better name.

“We were really impressed with Storm. She was a slightly different flood hero.

“She was one of the only candidates who was nominated by several people.

“It was the fact she was restoring the place to its former glory which helped her stand out.”

Ms Storm and other nominated Flood Heroes will attend a special reception at Downing Street next month to have their work recognised.