RESIDENTS in Portland are being given the chance to have their lives captured on stage.

Artist Tom Marshman will re-enact 10 stories at The Royal Manor Theatre as part of this year’s b-side Festival.

The b-side Festival, funded by Arts Council England, runs every two years in Weymouth and Portland.

This year’s event, which has a special focus on Portland, will run between September 5 and 14.

Mr Marshman said: “A lot of my work is based on interviewing people, collecting their stories and then piecing together a performance.

“This time I’m kind of opening it up, setting it in Portland, interviewing all sorts of people. But the thing that brings them together is their relationship to Portland.”

People can take part in the project by sponsoring a seat at The Royal Manor Theatre.

As well as receiving a plaque on their chosen seat, they’ll also receive a private viewing of their story for family and friends.

Mr Marshman is encouraging people from all walks of life to take part in his project, entitled ‘Everybody’s Auditorium’.

He said: “I find that everybody has got some kind of fantastic story, even if they don’t believe that they have.

“I would encourage people to get in touch if they are interested in the project, even if they think they’ve just got an ordinary life.”

Environmental campaigner Storm Wallace is one of Mr Marshman’s first clients, after festival organisers asked her to be involved.

She said: “I was really overwhelmed. I felt quite special.

“I love all the arts. I used to do lots of dramatics. I do lots of paintings and I’m quite creative so it’s something I’ll take an interest in.”

Ms Wallace met with Mr Marshman for the first time on Tuesday at The Royal Manor Theatre to discuss her story.

She said: “I’ve got a rough idea of what they intend to do, so I’m really excited.”

Mr Marshman spoke about his project alongside other performers at Jackson Gallery, Fortuneswell, on Tuesday evening.

Contact Tom directly at tom@tommarshman if you would like to sponsor a seat for £50 and see your story performed live on stage.