IT’S Sport Relief season – the time of year when we see our favourite celebrities on TV doing something silly and we donate or get involved with the activities ourselves in order to raise money for the worthy charity.

But the past couple of years have seen numerous celebrities not just doing something silly, but downright mad.

Last week radio presenter Nick Grimshaw completed his 12-hour stint on a bike – he and other celebrity friends such as Victoria Pendleton and Professor Green completing a thousand miles in aid for sport relief, raising a whopping £150,000.

Only recently, television presenter Davina McCall swam, cycled and ran down the whole length of the country.

The money donated by the public was phenomenal, with Davina’s challenge raising over £760,000. Yet, we have to ask – what lengths are these celebrities expected to go to raise cash?

Past challenges have had David Walliams swimming 140 miles down the Thames, who almost had to halt the proceedings due to swallowing the river water which contained a cocktail of bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella and hepatitis.

Comedian Eddie Izzard has also been involved in the crazy Sport Relief challenges, running 43 marathons in 51 days.

These tests of endurance seem to be getting harder and harder.

The most uncomfortable video I have watched recently is actually part of one of these challenges – an unconscious Davina being pulled out of Lake Windermere.

Firstly I was shocked at her lifeless body, limp from cold and exhaustion; then by the intrusion as people around took pictures and the media followed while she was carried up to the nearby hotel to be cared for. Davina’s courage and perseverance is truly admirable.

But this disturbing footage got me wondering – what do these celebrities have to go through in order to make headlines and raise cash for charities?

But they’re doing it for incredible projects around the world which help better countless lives of people who are not as lucky as us.

So, whether you are doing a crazy challenge like Davina (I hope not too extreme!) or are simply donating a tenner to the cause, you can be proud of your effort and feel pleased with the impact you are having on people around the world.