BEFORE I write an article, I do some research. I look at other newspaper articles around the subject, click on the ‘comment’ sections of university newspapers to see what they say on the matter and formulate my own ideas.

When researching for this article- about cancer ‘no make-up’ selfies that have hit social media by storm this week, I was met with thousands of pages knocking the craze where women wipe their faces clean to raise awareness.

After being initially skeptical about the whole affair, I scanned through my Facebook newsfeed to see numerous pictures of girls, with no make-up on, with the title ‘raising awareness for breast cancer’.

Cynical comments about how this craze is doing nothing to raise money for charity and is simply allowing teenage girls to indulge themselves in another form of vanity have been circulating even more than the pictures themselves.

And honestly, I think these comments are entirely ill informed and missing the point.

Cancer has touched almost everyone I know – whether it be one of their close friends or family fighting the battle, or whether they have had it themselves.

Despite this, I will be the first to admit that I do not think about cancer on a day-to-day basis.

The small personal issues and problems of life cloud my thoughts and take up my time. The fact is, if this craze is making people think about cancer, no one can say it’s a bad thing.

If one person checks for lumps, then it has been a success.

Not only this, but most people posting the no makeup selfies are donating to cancer research as well.

In just ONE day, £1m was raised for Cancer Research UK.

So if everyone donated to the cause, then that’s the best thing that’s ever come out of an internet sensation.

If anyone is remaining doubtful, may I remind you that only last month I was writing about the devastating consequences of the viral game ‘NekNominate’.

Everyone likes to look pretty and flawless, and for some, baring their naked face for all to see can be a daunting prospect.So others commenting on their picture telling them they look beautiful can be a real confidence boost.

I posted a picture of myself with no make-up on Facebook this week for this article – and I nominate every single woman who is reading this to do so too.