A CHARITY runner felt the heat in his quest to raise money for Sports Relief.

James Ostridge donned a dog costume and ran three miles around the Redlands Community Sports Hub’s pitch in Weymouth to lead the way in fundraising for local and national causes.

James, 28, was joined by his Weymouth O2 phone shop colleague Lewis Martin.

The pair have raised more than £200 for Sport Relief and are still collecting sponsorship.

James said: “We decided to do this because it’s all for a good cause. I’ve never done anything for Sport Relief before so we thought this was a good time.

“We’re very keen at our shop to do fundraising for the community.

“We have a campaign at O2 called ‘be more dog’, so this seems to fit in well with that and that’s how I got my dog costume.

“When I started out running it was so hot and I thought ‘what have I let myself in for,’ but as soon as I reached the second mile it got a lot easier and I knew I would finish.

“I may have got some funny looks from people as I was going round dressed as a dog but luckily I couldn’t quite see because of my eye patches.”

Nationally, more than £51 million has been raised for Sport Relief so far.

A six-hour show on BBC1 on Friday night featured the return of Only Fools and Horses after 11 years with a sketch starring David Beckham.

To sponsor James and Lewis, visit the O2 phone shop in St Thomas Street, Weymouth.