BREDY vets now offer a new genetic health test for dogs which people thinking of breeding from.

There is now a test that will reduce the possibility of inherited diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy, which leaves dogs blind, Von Willebrands disease, which is similar to haemophilia in humans, and can lead to excessive bleeding following an injury, due to the lack of clotting and Collie eye anomaly, which can also lead to blindness.

The testing is tailored to the needs of the breed of dog being tested and results of the testing are shared with the Kennel Club, whose website lists all the health screened dogs to make it easier to chose a suitable dam or sire for breeding.

Bredy vet Barry O’Mahony said: “This can aid owners in the decision process of whether their pet is a suitable candidate for breeding.”

For information contact the clinic on 01308 456771, bredyvets@, or look up the website at