A NEW LEVY aims to raise funds from new building development in Purbeck.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which will be introduced in June, will provide infrastructure to offset the impact of the development.

It will apply to most new housing over 100 square metres but will vary depending on the land values in different parts of the district.

Charges are based on research of what is affordable in relation to different land values across the district.

Social housing projects, self-build housing and developments for charitable purposes will be exempt from the levy.

Money raised through the CIL is limited but will be used to support public transport schemes and to initially look after the heathlands.

Councillor Gary Suttle, leader of Purbeck District Council, said: “The Community Infrastructure Levy will change how we fund growth in the district.”

A schedule listing the CIL charges for different planning uses and geographical areas is available at purbeck-community-infra structure-levy or by calling 01929 556561.