A WEYMOUTH couple are looking to raise £15,000 for a piece of medical equipment that helped save their son’s life.

Gemma Baker and Ashley Miners are hosting a fundraising event for a new cooling jacket for Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton.

The hospital’s neonatal unit wrapped their son Freddie in the jacket after he was distressed at birth and suffered from a febrile fit. The jacket reduced his body temperature and the risk of brain damage. Miss Baker said: “This had to be started within six hours of him being born.

“A specialist team had to come down from Dorchester, pick him up, take him to Southampton and start this treatment.”

Freddie’s temperature was brought to normal after 72 hours. He’s not had another fit since.

Miss Baker said: “It’s amazing really.

“From there he hasn’t had any fits and he’s absolutely fine.”

With Freddie now at 17 months old, Miss Baker said it was the right time to say thank you.

“He’s doing all right now, so we think ‘right, let’s do it’.

“Let’s do it now before leaving it too long.”

Princess Anne Hospital’s Neonatal Unit is currently saving towards another jacket, a fund which Miss Baker hopes they can contribute towards.

‘Freddie’s Fundraiser’ is being held at the Marquis of Granby on June 7 between 12pm and 4pm.

The day’s events will include a BBQ, cake and craft stalls, a bouncy castle, and children’s activities.

The fundraiser will also include a raffle, with a helicopter ride and a private golf lesson among the prizes collected so far.

Miss Baker said they were still looking for donations – big or small – and would welcome as much support as possible.

What's a cooling jacket?

  • Babies suffering a lack of oxygen can be instantly referred for cooling to prevent later damage.
  • The baby is wrapped in the jacket, similar to a wine cooler, within six hours of birth, for 72 hours to reduce the temperature to around 33.5C.
  •  It stops a series of complicated chemical reactions in the brain which go on to cause cell damage.