A PENSIONER says he is ‘disgusted’ with a council that landed his son with a parking ticket as he rushed to the aid of his disabled wife in Dorchester.

Alan Horwood, from Crossways, has written to Dorset County Council after he was left fuming at them for issuing the ticket.

His wife had been into Dorchester to buy a present for their 48th anniversary.

She was accompanied by one of her sons but they became separated so he phoned his brother – who was driving in the town and immediately pulled over in Charles Street to go and help.

They soon found their mother, who has recently been in hospital with heart problems and other issues, in Trinity Street out of breath and in a distressed state.

When they returned to the car around 15 minutes later they found they had been issued with a penalty notice and would have to pay £35 within 14 days or £70 within 28 days.

Mr Horwood took up the issue on behalf of his sons and explained to the council that, not only was it an emergency situation but his wife also had a disabled badge, although it was not on display at the time.

However, the council responded that the parking notice would stand. Mr Horwood said: “I was disgusted with the way they handled it.”

He said that he would like to take the matter further, with Dorset County Council claiming it had indicated to Mr Horwood how he could appeal the decision, but he did not want to risk having to pay more money.

He said: “I have challenged it as far as I can but I could end up losing and it would cost me more.”

Mr Horwood said he was disappointed at the response from the council, considering the state his wife was in at the time and he had sent the councils letters detailing her recent hospital appointments.

He said: “I was really disgusted especially because it was our wedding anniversary.

“It was a genuine emergency.”

Mr Horwood added that the yellow lines on which his son had parked were faded and not continuous.

Dorset County Council's parking services manager Simon Gledhill said: “Unfortunately we are unable to comment on a particular case but this advice applies to all recipients of an on-street penalty charge notice (PCN). If you receive an on-street parking fine you can challenge it with Dorset County Council.

“If this is unsuccessful the appeal can considered by an independent adjudicator from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

“Once the fine is paid, it is closed and no further appeal is possible.”