WATER and rubbish unearthed by badgers are the inspirations for Beaminster Museum’s new exhibitions.

Water: Shaping Life on the River Brit, will focus on the upper reaches of the river, showing how settlement patterns were determined by the availability of water as properties were built alongside several streams and where entrepreneurs built their watermills.

As well as showing how people washed, cooked and drank before mains water, calamitous floods and landslips are highlighted, explaining why the area is particularly prone to such events.

The other new exhibition Rubbish! was inspired by a treasure trove of rubbish unearthed by badgers at Peasehill, Beaminster,.

The exhibition recounts the tale of rubbish at both national and local levels, but focuses its main gaze on the Peasehill dump in Beaminster between the wars.

Other new displays include a Flax & Hemp section as part of the Heritage Lotterty Funded project and one celebrating the life and work of Beaminster’s Richard Hine.

The museum opens for the new season today.