OVER the last couple of years I have heard more and more of my friends at school complaining about the lack of jobs for young people in Weymouth and how fast employment positions are taken in the community, writes Emma Smith.

I am a sixth form student at Budmouth College and I find the number of suitable occupations in my town for young people staggeringly and disappointingly low.

Then I realised something – there are so many places around my college that could be filled with eager and enthusiastic students wanting to gain income and work experience.

Dinner staff, kitchen staff, cleaners, gardeners, library assistants… All of which could be taken over with keen students at lunchtime, break time, free periods and after school.

We are always encouraged to find work for our CVs and personal statements, why not let us work as a team to make our school a better place.

I’m sure that there would be a decrease in the litter found if students knew that it would be their friends that would ultimately have to clean it up.