IT'S not every weekend that you get to have a 'selfie' with the Prime Minister, but Weymouth's Lizzie Court jumped at the chance.

Lizzie, who has a facial deformity and battled prejudice to land her dream job, caught the attention of David Cameron when she appeared in the Echo recently calling for employers to change their attitudes.

The 21-year-old was born with Goldenhar syndrome meaning she had no jaw, left eye and left ear.

The Prime Minister was so touched by Lizzie's story, that she formed part of a speech he made at the London School of Economics at the weekend.

He saluted her courage in fighting prejudice to land her dream job after undergoing 19 interviews without being offered employment.

The Preston resident said: “I didn't want the day to end. He waved at me at the end of speech and mentioned the selfie.”

Lizzie, who works at the reception at Weymouth charity Abilities,told the Echo how she had been followed in the street by people who wanted to take a closer look at her face.

The invitation follows on from a hand-written note from Mr Cameron, who got in touch after Lizzie's dad sent him the original Dorset Echo article from January.

She added: “When I was at work David Cameron's office phoned. It was so exciting.”

Her dad David, 60, accompanied Lizzie to London along with her mum Catherine, 61.

Lizzie - who has eight GCSEs and three BTEC diplomas - has faced 'intolerance and ignorance' in her struggle to get hired.

The PM's speech mentioned Lizzie as someone who wanted to 'get ahead'.

Dad David added: “The speech said that it would have been easy for Lizzie to claim benefits.

“Mr Cameron said that he was written to by Lizzie and she is an example of someone who wanted to prove to herself that she was worth something.

“It says that she persevered and managed to get an opportunity in Weymouth.”

South Dorset MP Richard Drax will soon visit Lizzie at her workplace to find out more about Abilities, which helps disabled people find work.

Former Weymouth College student Lizzie, who has recently joined the Conservative party, enjoyed getting her very own 'selfie' with Mr Cameron.