MORE residents have been targeted by a telephone scam in which the fraudster pretends to be a police officer.

Dorset Police has received four reports in a day and are advising the public to be vigilant.

It has been reported that telephone calls have been received from a person claiming to be a detective constable from the Metropolitan Police.

The victim was told that a person known to them was in custody that had the victim’s bank details or had taken money from the victim’s accounts. The caller asks the victim to confirm their identity and in some cases asks them to hang up re-dial 999.

In all of the incidents so far reported to Dorset Police, no one has complied with the fraudster and has instead hung up the phone.

The police say telephone bank scams similar to this have been occurring nationally with people being defrauded of thousands of pounds.

They are warning residents never to give out personal information or banking details.

A spokesman said: “Dorset Police would like to warn members of the public that these scams are continuing across the county and to call the police to report any such suspicious calls.”