TAKE a walk through the literary greats at Sandworld.

The Weymouth attraction recently reopened for Easter after the winter close-down with a new exhibit for 2014.

Scenes from great literary works, including Moby Dick, Lord of the Rings and the Jungle Book, as well as those taking inspiration from books and TV series including Sherlock and Doctor Who, have been painstakingly created from Weymouth sand.

The giant creations, which also feature The Mr Men and Shakespearian characters, have been made by sand sculptors from around the world.

The sculptures are created using just sand and water and are highly resistant to the elements. To help preserve them for the full six month exhibit, the completed work is sprayed with a light pva solution.

Rain is absorbed by the sand sculpture and then evaporates and they can resist a Force 7 wind as well.

There is 2,000 tonnes of Weymouth beach sand at Sandworld – the sand is very fine and excellent for making sand sculptures. Each sculpture takes between five days and three weeks to create, depending on its complexity.

Visitors can vote for their favourite sculpture and even have a go and creating their own sand masterpiece. There is also a cafe for refreshments and a shop.

The exhibit, situated in Weymouth, at Lodmoor Country Park, is open daily from 10.30am.

n For more information visit sandworld.co.uk, call 07411 387529 or email hello@sandworld.co.uk