A HOST of pubs took part in a treasure hunt to raise cash for a good cause.

Several Weymouth public houses and members of the public took part in an about-town treasure and scavenger hunt to raise money for the NSPCC.

The event started and finished at the Closet, and was sponsored by Bee Cars. The teams, of between four and six members, had clues to find in each of the pubs that took part, including, Boho, Kings Arms, Moby Dicks, Yates’s, Dorothy’s, Rumshack, T-Bar and the Duke of Cornwall.

They also had a large list of items to collect such as business cards, takeaway menus, and large red, long green, thin yellow and small blue items, and things to photograph, such as pictures of the whole team in an enclosed space, mimicking a shop window display, or getting a photo swapping clothes with a group of strangers.

An after-party was held while the scores were being added at the Closet, where The Drag With No Name performed as part of the festivities.

There was also a raffle, tombola and auction to help raise more money. This event not only raised money for the NSPCC, but helped the community out of season as well, as all team members had to buy a drink in every bar on the list. The event raised £260 for the NSPCC.