DENTURES flushed down the toilet and a hearing aid eaten by a dog are some of the more unusual claims in a list released by a rural insurance firm which covers Dorset.

Cornish Mutual has put together a list of eyebrow-raising claims the firm has had to deal with in recent years.

It includes a farmhand who had three vehicle accidents in the same day – including one which occurred on his motorbike while driving back from a previous incident.

One man claimed for a destroyed kitchen after he accidentally discharged a firearm minutes after his wife had left the room.

Another insurer decided to use his lighter to burn away a loose thread hanging from a curtain, leading his property being set alight.

The company has also been asked to insure unusual items over the years, including a village phone box and a even a family of camels.

Managing director Alan Goddard said: “It’s all in a day’s work.

“But these curious examples do serve as a reminder that it is essential to ensure you have the right type of insurance cover in place, and that you are adequately insured to the right level in case you do need to make a claim.”