A MOTHER has hit out at a housing association which she says has left her vulnerable daughter ‘in a living hell’.

Karen Carr says 27-year-old daughter Emma-Jane, who has mental health problems, has been subjected to conditions ‘like Chinese water torture’ after Raglan Housing failed to fix a leak in the roof which began in 2012.

She says Emma-Jane’s asthma has been exacerbated by the damp conditions she is living in.

Mrs Carr said: “She’s had to have lots of buckets and pails collecting the water and they constantly need changing when it rains.

“It’s just no way to live really.

“It’s been 15 months of hell. From talking to other tenants in the block it seems that the previous tenant had the same issue.

“But instead of sorting it out, they haven’t.

“It’s been horrendous.

“It has got Emma-Jane extremely down.

“It’s only a one-bedroom flat so she doesn’t have anywhere to escape to.

“It’s been like Chinese water torture for the past two years.

“She’s had a recurring chest infection since Christmas.”

Mrs Carr says she has had to deal with the housing association on her daughter’s behalf because of how upsetting she has found the situation.

Mrs Carr says repairmen have been out to the flat in Wool several times but so far have failed to fix the issue.

She says they took away part of the ceiling, leaving the metal beams and flooring of the flat above exposed.

Raglan regional property manager Steve Fowley said: “We have been investigating the issue with the leak in the flat for some time and have now managed to find the source of the leak, which was caused by a structural defect that was not immediately apparent.

“As the issue is linked to the balcony of the flat above, we temporarily fixed the issue to enable us time to book the work in with our specialist contractors.

“Unfortunately, accessing the property above has taken longer than anticipated and due to the nature of the work we have also had to wait for the weather to improve.

“The work is now booked in for April 22 and should take approximately four to six days to complete.”