THE hunt is on this Easter at Dorchester’s Dinosaur Museum.

It is holding its Great Easter Dinosaur Hunt daily until Monday, April 21.

The challenge involves children hunting throughout the museum to spot the dinosaur eggs on display and solve the dinosaur mystery.

Youngsters will be able to explore the museum’s exciting mix of fossils, skeletons and life-size dinosaur reconstructions and experience its hands-on, interactive audiovisual displays.

A museum spokesman said: “The largest dinosaur egg in the museum is about the size of a melon and is from a sauropod dinosaur, and was discovered in China.

“Another type of dinosaur egg is smaller and is from an oviraptor that originates from Mongolia.

“Dinosaur nests have been found in groups indicating that dinosaurs exhibited some sort of social behaviour, and it is most likely that some dinosaurs were caring and raised their young.”

The museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm and children who solve the mystery will receive a special fun dinosaur prize.

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