IPACA students gave a presentation on digital learning to Google executives.

The ‘Atmosphere’ event was an invitation-only event for executives interested in finding out how cultural change and technological advancements are re-shaping the way people work today.

The director of digital learning and innovation Gary Spracklen gave a presentation about the role technology now plays in engaging and inspiring learning and the importance new learning spaces play in supporting 21st century learning.

This was followed by four students taking to the stage for a question and answer session.

Afterwards the students, Callum Easton, Charlotte Portsmouth, Jack Terrey and Jessica Smith, got a special guided tour around Google UK headquarters in King’s Cross, London.

Jack said: “The Google offices were a very exciting place to be.

“They are like no other office you will ever see.”

Callum said: “I could see myself working here, I think I would fit in well.”