Coastguards helped walkers, stricken boats and retrieved unidentified objects from the beach.

Yesterday morning the Bayliner Old Rocker with two people on board became entangled on a Mussel Farm Buoy in Portland Harbour after suffering engine failure.

The boat K Sera Sera saw the incident and went to help free the boat and took it under tow to Portland Marina.

Just after 1pm South West Ambulance Control called the coastguard to ask for help in retrieving a 76-year MALE who had sustained a hip injury after falling on rock ledges at Kimmeridge. Portland helicopter was immediately sent and Kimmeridge coastguard rescue officers also went to help.

The man was airlifted directly to Dorset County Hospital A&E landing pad, which was manned by Wyke coastguard rescue officers.

At 4.30pm Portland coastguard received a call about an unidentified object at Weston Mouth, Devon. They sent coastguards to investigate and the fire service came to collect and remove the object.