SOME extraordinary talent is emerging from a pioneering ‘Love to Sing’ project run by two volunteers.

Singer-songwriter and music production duo Eddie Adamberry, 66, and Heather Hamer, 61, conceived the idea to entice shy, amateur singers to come out of their shells and reveal their hidden talents.

Last week the project, based at Bridport Arts Centre and run by Bridport FM, saw the oldest and youngest of the emerging talents record songs for an album.

Heather said everybody involved in the project would be singing songs especially written for them.

She said: “I want people to know how much courage it has taken them to come through the door.”

People keen to join can go to the couple’s studio where they test your voices and get an idea of your taste in music.

Heather said: “Then we choose a song that we have written that they like, or we write one for them.”

For the oldest singer in town, 71-year-old Stuart Leslie, they wrote a song called ‘I will always raise a smile upon your face’.

The youngest is 16-year-old Beaminster School student Amy Tribe.

So far they have had about 14 people interested and laid down seven tracks for the album they are hoping to launch in September on Bridport FM.

They are also making a documentary programme about the project.

Everyone involved is local and they must all be amateurs who have so far confined their singing to the privacy of their baths, showers or cars.