ST NICHOLAS and St Laurence Primary School in Weymouth was the first school to broadcast live on ‘my live school radio’.

And the people who made this happen are students Daniel, Aimee, Holly, Thomas, Elle and Elena, with a little help from their teacher Mrs Neale.

Their first broadcast was with a local radio station and the DJ gave them lots of useful tips that they now use today.

The children had similar opinions on their feelings about the first broadcast. Aimee said: “I felt nervous but excited.”

And Thomas added: “I felt not really nervous but I was quite excited to do it.”

Similarly, Holly said: “It was a bit nerve-wracking because we’ve never done anything like this before.”

Their teacher Mrs Neale told me about starting the club and what her ambitions were.

She said: “I started it because on Twitter I’d seen someone saying that they had radio technology for free.

“And every school budget is very tight and school radio costs thousands of pounds normally and they needed somebody to trial the software for free.

“And as long as we were reporting back how we were getting on they were happy to provide the equipment and everything for us.

“So I just asked anybody if they wanted to help and ended up with my lovely radio club, I think we are the first people to use the software and go live.”

The pupils were also happy with the results. Holly said: “I was pleased with the result of our first broadcast, because even though we were mumbling a bit we had learnt a lot and it was very fun.”

Daniel added: “I was really pleased with the results because it was my first broadcast – it came out really well.”