WEYMOUTH town, although small, does very well in providing opportunities for young people to try and help them into their desired career paths.

However, I have noticed a lack of opportunities for people interested in creative writing and film production.

While schools and colleges do well at providing high-quality courses, there are no outside organisations or programmes that offer work experience or internships to students who really want to up their chances of getting into these very exclusive industries.

However, there are a very few places that do offer such opportunities for anyone interested enough to pursue them.

The Dorset Echo is always happy to accept student contributions to articles and can offer work experience for those looking for something based around journalism or writing.

Also, the Centre of Excellence of Industrial Liaison (CEIL) at Budmouth College, which was partnered with the Sir Samuel Mico scholarship, offers a lucky few the chance to work in a specialised field with a company of their choice.

But this, sadly, is not enough. There are still young people out there who are choosing not to follow their dreams because of the lack of opportunities.

A way of fixing this could be to get the council involved, setting up more opportunities by finding out how appealing our landscape would be for filming and funding organisations to help them set up programmes specifically for younger people.