A WEYMOUTH photographer has snapped modern love – love of social media, that is.

Justin Glynn was inspired after he went for a meal with his wife and both spent their precious time together looking at their phones.

Justin, a former engineer, took inspiration from Banksy and enlisted two local friends to recreate a piece of the famous mystery artists’ graffiti.

Justin said: “My wife and I went for dinner and when we were sat waiting for food, we didn’t talk, we sat there texting.

“Then I saw the Banksy street art and I thought ‘that’s us.’”

He took two snaps – one recreating Banksy and another recreating his own social media-fail moment.

Ironically, the Dorchester couple he chose, David Wiltshire and Rhona Coombs, met via a social media app.

David said: “When Justin asked if we could take part I thought ‘why not?’ “Rhona and I met via Tinder and we’ve been together since December.

“It’s funny because Justin is one of those people that without the likes of Facebook, I probably wouldn’t be in touch with any more.

“The first photo only took about half an hour to get right, but obviously Justin had done a lot of preparation, making sure the outfits and the lighting and everything was right.

“I suppose it is ironic Rhona and I met on social media.

“We quite often comment when we see couples who are on their phones like that.

“But then if it wasn’t for our phones, we wouldn’t have met.”

As for Justin, has his photography made him think twice about checking his messages at the table?

“I have become more aware and more conscious of what I’m doing,” he said.

“Being self-employed, social media are really important tools for me – I’m always on my phone. But now when I’m out with my wife I give her my full attention.”