THANKS to Dave Blackman, who has helped us fill in most of the blanks on the photo of the Rembrandt Hotel’s football team, featured in last week’s Looking Back.

The photo is of the under-12s Rembrandt Hotel team, taken in 1986.

Mr Blackman wrote: “The team is Southill B and we were sponsored by the Rembrandt Hotel.

“We were coached by Mick Holmes, Barry Mason (Snr) and Steve Hutton’s dad whose name I can’t remember.

“The team is from back left, Matthew Flux, Paul Holmes, Ross Browning, Lee Purnell, Barry Mason (Jnr), Steven Hutton, Robert Horton and Lee Morgan.“The front row is from left Darren Wakely, Mark Parker, Deri Thomas, Phil Simms, Derren Hope, Chris Weekes and me.”