SUPER slimmers donated food to Weymouth and Portland’s food banks as part of a charity challenge.

As part of Slimming World’s Slim for Good challenge, consultant Nicky Maynard’s groups decided instead of raising money, they would donate food items.

The idea behind Slim for Good is that it is for the good of the person and the good of their community as well.

Mrs Maynard said: “There has been much publicity about these great causes in recent months and we really wanted to not only help people, but also make people aware that you can make nutritious meals out of cheaper items and a lot of this food is what we at Slimming World use on a daily basis to help us lose weight.”

Across the six-week challenge the Wyke Regis group lost an amazing 537lb between them, while the Buxton Road group lost 576lb, giving them a total weight loss of 1,113lb or 79.5 stone.

For every pound each group member lost, they donated one food item.

As well as the staples like pasta and rice, they donated toiletry goods, dog and cat food, baby food, milk, tea and coffee. Lindsay Booton from Port-land food bank went along to collect Buxton Road’s donations and Mrs Maynard said she could not believe the variety of items on the table.

Mrs Maynard said the challenge was so popular they would continue their support of the food banks.

Lily Mockett, the co-ordinator of Weymouth Food Bank said they had seen a 49 per cent increase in referrals to them in the first three months of this year compared to last year.

She said they received 20 bags of donations from Mrs May-nard’s Slimming World groups.

She added: “We are extremely grateful for everything we are given, great or small.

“We have an enormous amount of food come in and it goes out just as quickly.”

n Anyone interested in learning more about the groups should call Nicky Maynard on 07549 544630.