INSPIRATION from the Jurassic Coast and endorsement from a charity boss has given visually impaired artist Joanna Brendon a boost.

Joanna presented her painting of Hive Beach to Stephen Remington, retiring chief executive of Action for Blind People, the sight loss charity he has run for 20 years.

The painting was unveiled to him at a special reception at the House of Lords Joanna said: “I love the Jurassic Coast and have made a lot of work based on it, following visits to the Burton Bradstock Music Festival.

“My work is always a personal response to the place rather than a realistic representation.

“I feel deeply honored that Stephen wanted one of my works, as I have always had huge respect for him. He has had a real impact on the lives of blind and partially sighted people.

“With Stephen at the helm, Action for Blind People constantly promoted the abilities of people with sight loss in the workplace.

“I hope any publicity for this painting helps spread the word about the wide range of career options for visually impaired people.

“I’ve had to work hard and overcome many challenges, but my visual impairment – a rare macular condition – hasn’t prevented me from becoming an artist.

“I always thought it would be my eyesight which threatened my painting but, although it affected my work and sometimes informed it, it never stopped me.”

She also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, which only struck her last year, that that was more debilitating, she said.

For several months she wasn’t able to crawl to her studio.

She added: “So this endorsement by Stephen and Action has given me a terrific boost.

“You could say that Hive Beach has given me the determination to carry on, despite the pain.”

For more information about Action for Blind People, visit Also, you can find more information about Joanna Brendon on her website