A GENEROUS pair of sisters from Martinstown have shared their Easter joy.

Little Lilly and Bethany Reed, like many kids, received mountains of Easter eggs this year.

However, rather than scoff the lot, the Winterbourne Valley First School pupils decided they wanted to give them away to those in need.

Dad Andrew said: “They got far too many and they really wanted to do it.

“We didn’t really know where to go and just thought the children’s ward at the hospital would be the best place.”

They got in touch with the Kingfisher Ward at Dorset County Hospital, who said they would be delighted to accept the donation.

Lilly, six, and Bethany, five, went round to deliver the eggs to play specialist Julie Goodall and their dad was surprised at how many they decided to take.

He said: “They were just going to give a couple but then they decided to give more and more and in the end they got up to about ten so they’ve pretty much got none left.”

Andrew said that hospital staff were really pleased with the generous donation from the girls.

He said: “They were over the moon about it and happy to see the girls being so generous.”

Andrew added that the girls had enjoyed the experience of going up to the hospital to make the donation as well.

He said: “They are buzzing about it, it really made their day as well as making the kids at the hospital’s days as well.”

Andrew said that the eggs would be given to young patients on the Kingfisher Wards who have to have blood tests as a reward.

He said that the donation was more welcome than ever this year as they normally received eggs from a local supermarket but there had been a shortage this year.

Andrew added that, while Lilly and Bethany were pretty generous by nature, they had never made a donation like this before.

He said: “They are pretty good but it’s the first time they have done anything quite like this.”