RESIDENTS in Weymouth and Portland are being warned of big changes as council chiefs aim to save money, boost recycling rates and reduce waste.

Changes are being made to bin collections as councils roll out a single Recycle for Dorset service.

People will be able to recycle more including food and additional plastics, but it will affect the colours and types of containers, plus introduce a few extra ones.

As the process may take a bit of getting used to, residents are being made aware early so any problems can be ironed out.

Rubbish and recycling was once the responsibility of different councils which each did things differently.

It now comes under the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) which is introducing a uniform scheme that will help councils save £2million a year and increase recycling rates from 50 per cent to 65 per cent by 2019.

It is already operational in parts of Dorset, including Dorchester, and the next phase introduced in October 2014 involves 50,000 households in Weymouth, Portland and parts of West Dorset including Chickerell, Abbotsbury, Maiden Newton and Sherborne areas.

Households will receive a letter in the next few weeks. Under the new scheme, large green wheelie bins currently used for general rubbish will be for recycling (paper, cardboard, tins, cans and plastics).

The existing green box for glass and plastic will be for glass only. Existing brown wheelie bins for cardboard will no longer be used.

Households will be supplied with a grey wheelie bin for general rubbish, a kitchen caddy and a lockable brown food bin.

Garden waste sacks are being done away with as it is no longer affordable and instead residents can sign up to a service for £40 a year.

Everything will be collected fortnightly except for the food bin which will be weekly.

Residents who can’t take all these bins because of where they live can opt for the ‘bag and box’ service consisting of two recycling boxes and waste sacks.

Residents of certain areas such as the Park District will get different letters informing them of changes as they will have the bag and box scheme. ‘Seagull-proof’ bags will continue.

Director of the Dorset Waste Partnership Steve Burdis said: “As with any change on this scale, it can take a little time to get used to.

“However, this can be overcome with early communications, so I would encourage all residents to read their information, check our website and come to a roadshow to see how it will work for them.”

More recycling comes with revamp

THE Recycle for Dorset service, introduced in Weymouth and Portland and parts of West Dorset on October 13, lets residents recycle more than before including plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

Food waste will also be collected from households yet to have this service.

Residents who think the standard service will not meet their specific needs should contact DWP by June 19 on 01305 221040 or via

There will be information roadshows at various locations including Maiden Newton village hall Friday, May 16, 10am-1pm; Morrisons Weymouth, May 17, 10am-1pm; Park Community Centre in Weymouth, May 28, 10am-1pm; Littlemoor Co-op, May 30, 10am-1pm; Asda Weymouth, May 31, 10am-1pm; Portland Brackenbury Centre, June 3, 5pm-8pm.