THE parents of a Portland man who died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) aged 36 have paid tribute to their ‘genuine and lovely’ son.

Daniel Manning, from Portland, died suddenly on the morning of April 7 at his family home, leaving behind his wife Becky and two-year-old son Jacob.

Mr Manning had woken up as usual on the Monday morning and set about his daily routine. He had a shower and as he was getting changed into his work overalls, he suddenly collapsed and died at 6.45am.

Ambulances and paramedics rushed him to Dorset County Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Mr Manning had not complained of any symptoms or of feeling unwell and doctors told the family he had died of SADS.

His parents Chris and Jayne Manning paid tribute to their son before his funeral today.

Mr Manning said: “He had not complained of any symptoms. We saw him the night before he died – they came for their dinner and he was fine.

“He was a very fit guy – he was into his sports such as cycling and hiking.

“This has completely ripped the family apart, it was totally out of the blue. It is absolutely dreadful.

“Anybody you talk to says he was a very, very genuine guy. He and his brother, Tom, set up their own company called Manning Plumbing and Heating, and they are both very well known on the island.

“Dan was a guy who everyone he met he touched and his death has rocked the whole community.”

The family has decided to continue a trust fund that was set up for Jacob by Daniel, to provide money for him throughout his life.

Mrs Manning said: “Dan absolutely adored his wife Becky and their son Jacob. He idolised Jacob, he would do anything for him.

“Jacob is so similar to Dan, both physically and in his mannerisms but he doesn’t understand what has happened. He keeps asking if daddy has gone to work.

Mr Manning added: “Everybody donates to really good charities and we donate to charities regularly but we will now put money aside for Jacob that he can use when he’s older.

“It might be for his education or to help him financially, but the family are going to need help to support Jacob.”

Mr and Mrs Manning also thanked the local community for the cards and well wishes they have received following Daniel’s death.

The funeral will be held at 12.30pm today Friday at All Saints Church in Wyke Regis, and is an open funeral, with the family also accepting donations to contribute to Jacob’s trust fund.

Sudden Arrythmia Death Syndrome

In the context of cardiology, SADS refers to Sudden Arrythmia Death Syndrome but it is commonly referred to as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

The term is used when referring to the sudden death of an apparently fit and healthy young person, with no prior symptoms.

In one in five sudden young cardiac deaths, no definite cause of death can be found, even after drugs have been excluded and the heart is examined for structural abnormalities.

It is believed by medical experts that that cot death – sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS – may be partly due to the same caus