A PORTLANDER who captured film footage of storms battering the island will have it broadcast as part of a television documentary tonight.

Viewers across the country tuning in to Channel 4’s ‘Britain’s Most Extreme Weather’ will get to see how Weymouth and Portland were affected by torrential rain and strong winds which hit the area earlier this year.

Producers spotted footage taken by Stuart Morris of the storms and asked if they could use it in the documentary.

Mr Morris had set up his camera on the top of Portland, close to the cenotaph near Portland Heights Hotel to capture the wild weather in February.

He said: “A lot of people went down near the sea wall, but because there was so much spray coming off the sea, I decided to stay on the top.

“It’s just as well I did. But I still got very wet.

“I had my tripod and I suppose you could say I was at the right place at the wrong time. It was a pretty horrendous storm but it was fantastic to watch.”

As reported in the Echo, storms battered the borough with Portland Beach Road and Preston Beach Road closed several times with ‘danger to life’ flood warnings put in place by the Environment Agency.

Several homes in Chiswell were swamped as the flood warning sirens sounded, alerting residents to the extreme risk.

Mr Morris said he hopes the use of his footage will show the rest of the country what the area went through.

He added: “I put the footage on You Tube and a company called Pioneer TV got in touch and asked if they could use it.”

“They do a lot of pretty spectacular stuff for all the channels.

“I don’t know how much of my footage will be shown but at least it’s putting the area on the map and showing the rest of the country what we had to suffer.

“I used to concentrate on stills but the over the last few years I have been doing more video work.

“I’m always out and about with my camera.

“It’s just a hobby but it keeps me out of mischief.”

The documentary will be aired at 8pm tonight.