FROM Dorset to Los Angeles, one former Weymouth schoolboy is about to hit the big time.

Jack Turner, 28, grew up in Radipole, attended Radipole Primary School then Wey Valley before heading to Oxford for university. He comes back to Weymouth every year to visit his family who still live in the area.

Now living in LA and making movies and music with his band Cable Car, Jack is hoping to star in a new movie The Moleskin Diary.

The film follows the story of orphan Adrian, who has to look after his niece following his sister’s death.

Ten per cent of the proceeds of the film will go to an orphans’ charity.

The filmmakers are looking to get funding for the project from online site Kickstarter, where people pledge a small amount to help the film get made.

Jack said he always did a lot of sport and music at school, but was always too afraid of acting and it wasn’t something he got into until he was living in San Francisco and working for Google.

He said: “I would take a bus to work every day, and go past this huge picture of this beautiful woman from the 40s or 50s.

“The picture was beautiful, she just radiated this amazing quality.

“It was a picture of the founder of my acting school – the Shelton Studios.

“I guess I took it literally, as a sign I should give acting a go, and I started taking night classes while I was working my day job. I took classes most nights for nearly two years.

“Then I quit my day job, and moved to LA.”

That’s where he met his Cable Car band mates and they are currently recording and will be creating the soundtrack to the new film.

Jack’s last film The 10 Year Plan will be featuring at film festivals across America and Canada this summer and he has also just finished working on TV show Hit the Floor, which stars Dean Cain from Superman.

Jack said he was really excited about the Moleskin Diary and hopes people in his hometown will check the Kickstarter page out.

He said: “It’s one of the best scripts I’ve read since I’ve been in Hollywood and we have a killer cast attached to it.

“It’s really funny, a little racy and pretty clever. Our director’s awesome.”

He added: “Longer term, I just want to keep making great movies, and TV if it happens that way, that are ideally meaningful and great to watch.

“I’d also like Cable Car to keep gaining more success and playing some big gigs.”

To find out about The Moleskin Diary and Kickstarter visit website